wat - issue 2

Thematic edition in four issues with works by Kyriakos Athanasiadis, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Yannis Kotsifos, Thanasis Triaridis and format by Eleni Gratsou * Triumph (June 2008) * page 2 advertisement and special-effects photography on pages 5 and 9 by Marios Tsigkerliotis * translations by Claire Papamichael (pages 3, 10, 5, 8, 6 and 7), Liana Sakelliou (pages 4 and 9) * 500 copies printed on 80 gms paper at the Technograph printing company located at Vathis Square, Athens * wat is only a collectiveness of texts and images, not a collectiveness of individuals * people are islands, and only islands * wat doesn’t carry a common message * it doesn’t herald the horror of any collective salvation * the contributors of wat live in Athens and Thessaloniki * the text of wat was written in Greek and translated into English * wat is sold on occasion or distributed gratis * issue orders and additional information at watedition.blogspot.com * a publication of the non-profit organization for the promotion of letters and arts Giotto di Bondone (0030-693-72.13.160)

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Dimitris Dimitriadis
TURMOIL Ultimatum

Kyriakos Athanasiadis
The Triumph of Philo and Sophie

Thanassis Triaridis
Unser Kampf

Yannis Kotsifos
struggle responsibly

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